Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Tel: 373-6389 or 729-4870 Fax: 729-3264

Mu Ban Sammakorn, 246/41 soi 31
Ramkamhaeng soi 110 (Sukhaphiban 3 Rd.)
Bangkok 10240 Thailand

  Ruenros' Specialties
  Spicy Salads
  Chili Pastes and Dips
  Japanese Food
  Rice and Noodle
  Ice Cream
  Freshly Squeezed
    Fruits & Vegetables
  Herbal Beverages
  Fresh Coffees


Ruenros is owned by Khun Nattawat ("Toom") who is the first Thai to graduate from a French college of restaurant and hotel management. The manager is Khun Teerasak ("Chang"), a student of Khun Nattawat at I-TIM (the international restaurant college on Ramkhamhaeng 52). The service by the staff is most professional. The menu features a wide selection of food, every ingredient fresh, carefully prepared and presented. Ruenros is a complete quality restaurant, and sets the standard.

Spacially, the restaurant has three indoor "zones" plus a few open air tables.

Ruenros Restaurant, front view

Entrance with menu, waiting
bench, wine bottle memories

Zone 1 dining

Zone 2 often includes live music

Singles can catch a bite
at the bar at the entrance.

Musician in zone 2

Ruenros is open for lunch and dinner. On weekend nights, reservations are strongly recommended.